Smart Valley


Smart Valley is a trail blazing endeavor by Sakr Real Estate that will put Lebanon‘s name next to the names of the biggest and most advanced countries in the world.
Built on the three pillars of Smart Environment, Smart Infrastructure, and Smart Living, the development excels in multiple key areas: Economy, mobility, environment, people, living, and connectivity.

The Smart Valley will accommodate Admir, Vivaly and a Wellness Center in addition to a smart Commercial Hub that will service the residents of the project.



Imagine living in a safe and secure environment, completely monitored and fully responsive in case any emergency arises. From a Fiber Optic Network to full WIFI coverage, from Smart communication to a virtual attendant and Smart parking management; Smart Valley has been carefully tailored to enhance and facilitate its residents' lives. With the latest in technology and state of the art features, Smart Valley is a one-of-a-kind development.


Imagine a house fully automated and connected, where all your home systems run on a single server.

Energy control, smart lighting, security management and smart appliances, to name a few, are all available at the tips of your fingers literally. Smart living at the Smart Valley allows you to sync your house, and its components, to your mobile for the easiest, fastest, and most convenient method of home management.


Imagine commuting in electric shuttles within a green sustainable environment with minimum CO2 emissions.

Developed with the environment in mind, Smart Valley is equipped to function efficiently yet sustainably. With waste water treatment, reduction of pollutant emissions and segregation of solid waste at the source, among other features, your life at the Smart Valley will thrive amidst green and open spaces, while ensuring they remain protected.

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